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Our New Service Centre at:-

Bonson Auto Facelift,

No: 9 &10, Jln. Maju 1/16,

Tmn. Lembah Maju,

56100. Kuala Lumpur.


Tel: 603-42973363 012-3030788




Whether it’s a brand new or a used vehicle from Mercedes Benz, Smart, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche or Audi, our service and repair facility will treat the car with the same care and pride as if it is our own. 
We specialise in servicing and repairing German-make cars, carried out by our team of fully trained technicians. You can expect original manufacturer parts, the highest standards of quality, and the whole range of factory-recommended services or tailor-made options without compromising your safety or your car’s reliability. 
For the best of personal attention for your Mercedes Benz, Smart, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, or Audi, contact us.

We only use genuine Mercedes Benz Original parts.

If you are looking for OEM or Cheap Parts, sorry lah there are all Imitation parts.

Most of it are competible but many workshop will tell you is OEM ( BullShit ) 

Mercedes Benz OEM makers will not sell OEM Mercedes Parts.

Many Germany factories in makes competible car parts, but they are not Mercedes Benz OEM maker.

The Original parts prices are not very far different from the imitation parts but the quality, duralibility and SAFETY are very much different.

All Mercedes Benz parts are calculated on all aspect of safety before building it.


OEM is a manufacturer that got contract to make parts for a branded manufacturer carrying the branded manufacturer's name.
Ok eg:- AG Daimler manufacturer of Mercedes Benz give a company call VDO to make fuel pump for W211 using AG Dailmer specification & requirement.

That means for example only:- 
Daimler AG want the pump to contain "A" material (GOLD) 60%, "B" Material (COPPER) 30% & "C" Material (PLASTIC)10%, 
The specification for the above material to make such pump so that it can withstand 400 degree celsius for 48 hours.
VDO can make it and certain price per unit are agreed.
VDO made the W211 pump and were fully tested by AG Daimler quality control and as such, the product has met the requirement.
So AG Daimler ordered 1,000,000 unit W211 VDO fuel pump with Mercedes Benz Logo & Part Number on it at RM1K each and all W211 is installed with VDO fuel pump.
Later VDO made another 500 set of the W211 fuel pump but with no Mercedes Benz Logo or Part Number on it.
They create their own part number and claim is for W211 and that they are Mercedes Benz W211 Fuel Pump OEM maker. They are right.
They cannot afford to sell it cheaper than what they sold to AG Daimler because AG Daimler buought in bulks.
But why the price is cheaper,.... why? Here the QUALITY that count.
Most properly the material mixture is different.
May be:-"A" material (GOLD) 20%, "B" Material (COPPER) 20% & "C" Material (PLASTIC) 60%, or less and the required temperature can withstand up to 150 degree celsius only.
So original parts are always more safe and lasting compare to OEM parts or other makers imitation parts.
Before AG Daimler make any parts, all angles are look into like, Safety in high speed, momentum force, centrifugal force, impact, vibration, temperature, breaking strength, costing and durability.
Thats why not only Mercedes Benz is always a good and safe car to drive, many good car makers do the same also.
(Subject that all parts are original)
So what do you think Original or OEM quality.
In German, Taiwan, China etc, many companys make competible Mercedes Benz parts also, but they were never a good quality like original parts. 
Most workshop says it OEM parts but in actual they are imitation, for sure quality and safety requirement is out.
Sorry, this is just my personnel opinion. Ignore it if I am wrong.

anak james bon.

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