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Mercedes Facelift & AMG Conversion
E-Class W212 E63s AMG



Prefacelift to Facelift look with aftermarket parts RM 18,800.00

Facelift to E63s AMG aftermarket Body Kit Only RM9,000.00

Pre Facelift to Pre Facelift aftermarket AMG Body Kit Only RM4,500.00

Pre Facelift to Facelift Original Parts RM58,000.00 

Facelift to E63s AMG Wide body RM30,000

(All GST Not Included Yet)

2014 E63s AMG Aerodynamic Conversion Package :-

- E63s AMG Front Bumper 

- Front Headlamp Xenon

- Radiator grille.

- Tail Lamp LED

- Side Skirt

- E63s AMG Rear Bumper

- AMG Tailpipes


- Bonnet 

- All Inner brackets are New Facelift Original Brackets.

Painting & Installation RM2,000.00 to RM6,000.00

(Old parts considered trade in)


         W212 Facelift Tail Lamp                                                        W212 AMG Package Front Bumper                                        W212 AMG Package Rear Bumper                                W212 Facelift Head Lamp


            From Prefacelift madel you can chose AMG Package or AMG E63 Conversion.

            (old parts consider trade in)

a, W212 E63 AMG Facelift Front Bumper RM 9,500.00

b, W212 AMG Package Facelift Front Bumper RM 7,500.00

c, W212 AMG Prefacelift E63 Front Bumper RM 3,500.00

d W212 E63 AMG Facelift Rear Bumper RM 5,500.00

e, W212 AMG Package Facelift Rear Bumper RM 5,000.00

f, W212 AMG Prefacelift E63 Rear Bumper RM 2,000.00

g, W212 E63 AMG Facelift Side Skirt RM 4,500.00

h, W212 AMG Package Facelift Side Skirt RM 4,500.00

i, W212 AMG Prefacelift E63 Side Shirt RM 2000.00 

j, W212 E63 AMG Facelift Tail Pipe RM 3,000.00

k, W212 AMG Package Tail Pipe RM 3,000.00

l, W212  AMG Prefacelift E63 Tail Pipe RM 1,800.00

m, W212 E63 AMG Facelift Grille RM 3,000.00

n, W212 AMG Package Facelift Grille RM 3,000.00

o, W212 AMG Prefacelift E63 Grille RM 1,350.00

p, W212 E63 AMG Facelift Head Lamp per pair RM 20,880.00

q, W212 E63 AMG Facelift Tail Lamp per pair RM 3,860.00

r, W212 E63 AMG Facelift Fender both side RM 5,600.00

s, W212 E63 AMG Facelift Bonnet RM 3,800.00

t, W212 E63 Facelift Front SAM and reprogramming RM 8000,00

u, Aftermarket E63 Facelift Body Kit RM9,000.00  (Front, Rear Bumper, Skirts, Exhaust Tips)

Installation and painting including SAM & Lighting Retrofit from RM1,000.00 to RM6,000.00




















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