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Whether it’s a brand new or a used vehicle from Mercedes Benz,

Smart, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche or Audi, our service and repair

facility will treat the car with the same care and pride as if it is our own. 

We specialise in servicing and repairing German-make cars, carried

out by our team of fully trained technicians. You can expect original

manufacturer parts, the highest standards of quality, and the whole

range of factory-recommended services or tailor-made options without

compromising your safety or your car’s reliability. 

For the best of personal attention for your Mercedes Benz, Smart, BMW,

Volkswagen, Porsche, or Audi, contact us.




Bonson Auto Facelift 

  • Diamondbrite Car Paint Treatment 

  • Mercedes AMG, Facelift Auto Sport & Avantgarde Conversion.

  • DVD/GPS, Smart Key & Xenon Light, New & Used Body Parts. 

  • Chrome accessories, Wiper and Parts.

  • Accident Repair & Windscreen With Insurance Claim!!!

  • Original Benz PPS Paint Respray & Touch Up.

  • Solar Card UV Cool Tinted Films. 

  • Car built In Auto Gate Remote Control.

  • Mercedes Sales & Fraud Search.


 Continental Car Service Centre 

From Mercedes Benz,

Smart, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche or Audi,

We also do Toyota Veillfire, Alphard & Estima.

Service & Maintenance

Repair and Trouble Shooting,

Air-Conditioner & System Cleaning

Diagnostic & Factory Default Setting

Original Parts.



  • Air Conditioning
  • Domestic Wiring.
  • Industrial Wiring..
  • Home Appliances Service & Repair.
  • Alarm, CCTV & Auto Gate System.
  • Plumbing.
  • Electro-Mechanical Automation.
  • Refrigeration & Cool Room. 
  • Air & Ventilation.
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic System.




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