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Auto Gate Remote in Car

Built In Car Auto Gate Remote

 RM 380.00

Multi frequency auto gate interface module from 315 Mhz to 433 Mhz that can fix to any car to activate the house auto gate by flashing the Hi beam when reach home.
This multi frequency is originally develop for All type of car to operate the house auto gate without need to use or forget to bring along the  gate remote control.

No need to get down from car.

No need maintenance or change battery for that module.

Can be transfer to any other car when you sell your car.
Just plug to car battery + & - terminal.

One year warranty.

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Auto Sunshade

Mercedes Benz Motorised Auto Sunshade

Specially Made to each model W124, W140, W202, W203, W210. W211, W219 etc

4 pcs auto type RM 500.00

4 pcs detachable type RM350.00

Rear motorised  RM500.00

4 side window auto with window RM400.00

Free Installation




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Benz Sport Steering

Wood : Chestnut, Laurel, Walnut or Birdeye

Leather : Black, Beige Grey or Brown.

W203 C-Class Sport Steering RM1,680.00

W211 E-Class Sport Steering RM1,680.00

W220 S-Class Sport Steering RM1,880.00



Trade in included


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C Class Accessories
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DVD/GPS, Keys, BiXenon & LED Lighting





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E Class New Body Parts

W211 AMG $3,999.00(PP)   W211 LED $1080.00         Number Plate LED  

     W211 Xenon $5,600             CL Star Grille AMG RM850.00                  W211 Facelift Grille RM1380.00       

AMG SPORT Steering RM 1680.00  W211 Facelift Fr Bumper $4K Facelift Door Sill $900.00      


W211 N/F Mirror $1,300.00    W211 Mtr Fold Mirror $ 2800.00  Door Shell RM270.00

W211 IR Key shell  $400.00     W211 Bumper Grille RM350.00      Fof lamp RM580.00

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E Class Used Body Parts.

Original W211 Used Body Parts  Front Bumper $1,000.00  BiXenon H/lamp 1 pair $2,800.00

Radiator Grille RM $400.00,   FogLamp 1 pair RM $400.00, Headlamp 1 pair RM $1,800.00


Rear Bumper c/w strip $1,800.00 Tail Lamp 1 pair $600.00  Door Mirror with folding  $1,800.00

Boot Lid c/w Chrome strip $500.00 Door Mirror w/o folding $1,200.00   Hup Cap $ 50.00 each.

Body Fender Strip RM $100 each.


Repair/Replace New Smart & Old Smart IR Key $400.00 ~ $1800.00

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Call Mr. Tan 012-3030788


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Floor Mate


BlacK & Grey OEM original Material Floor carpet.

RM280.00 per set 5 pcs.

Driver unit with button RM380.00 per set (5 pcs)

Kleemenn Original Floor Carpet RM780.00 per set.



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E-Class RM360.00 to RM 880.00

C-Class RM360.00 to RM650.00

SL-Class RM390.00 to RM680.00

Leather Cover RM180.00

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Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth

Original Benz Bluetooth


Hand Free Function

Auto Memory

Steering Full Function

Just Plug In to your original Benz adaptor.

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New Improved Wiper

New Improved Premium Quality to replace from Original Equipment Manufactured

blades to fit MERCEDES ALL CLASS

Direct replacement SPECIFIC fit aero wiper to replace FACTORY FITTED aero wiper

blades only!

Comfirmed better than the existing and or Boss type to give low noise

and no vibrating sound with super clear vision.  21" to 26"

RM 68.00  per piece





Driver side blade- 26" Exact Fit Aero

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Steering alone without Air Bag Trade in Price RM1680.00 for W140, W202, W203, W208, W209, W210, W211, W215, W219, W220.00, W463.

RM 2200.00 to RM3,000.00 for W204, W212, W221.

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W211 CD/Radio Set RM4,800.00

W211 Original CD/Radio set

Radio, Cd, CDC and Telephone function for W211 Malaysia Spec.RM4,800.00


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