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Diamondbrite & Carbon Class Car Paint Protection

Diamondbrite® Paint and Fabric Protection For Your Vehicle


To see how Diamondbrite® works CLICK HERE 

For your Car Diamondbrite® please contact :- Mr Tan 012-3030788   

Now from RM1,388.00 with 1 bottle Conserver Free to wash your car for 1 year.

Life warranty++ plus 6 Years Free Annual Inspection & Maintenance on your Diamondbrite® Protection.

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This is not a car polish process, it a car paint protection using NANO technology.

This process makes into your car paint and protect it inside & not on the surface.

It makes your car paint look Showroom Shining condition for at least 10 years without any need to polish your car.

After Sales Service

If your car already have Diamondbrite Application no matter where you do it, you can sent to us for After Sales Service Maintenance,

Its FREE during the Warranty Period (subject to bring your warranty card & Conserver along)

We also do Conserver Wash if you are not free. 

Our Premier Cut Treatment

This process will remove minor scratches, swirl, bird drop and water mark on your car paint as well as wind screen.  RM 200.00 to RM450.00

 We also provide Respray and touch-up paint

**terms & conditions in warranty card apply.

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Diamondbrite Carbon Class


PRICE : RM$2888.00 ONLY


For those who love shining car and need less time to take good care of their paint & yet their car just like a new car everyday for life!

We recommend you this product called Carbon Class®.
Only do it once and NO more polish or wax required for Life Warranty++.

Annual Maintenance & Inspection
This product is from UK.
The best part is yearly maintenance is FOC for 6 years .

If you're interested kindly please call Mr.Tan from Bonson® Auto Facelift. On average one car will takes approximately  6 hours for the whole course of application.

++ Terms & Conditions in warranty card apply.



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