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Diamondbrite Car Paint Protection


PRICE : RM$1388.00 ONLY

For those who love their car much and want to take good care of their paint so that their car just like a new car everyday for life!
I recommend you this product called DiamondBrite®.
Only do it once and NO more polish or wax required for Life Warranty++.

annual maintenance & inspection
This product already in the market for very long and is originated from UK.
The best part is yearly maintenance is FOC for 6 years .

If you're interested kindly please call Mr.Tan from Bonson® Auto Facelift. On average one car will takes approximately  6 hours for the whole course of application.

++ Terms & Conditions in warranty card apply.

After Sales Service

If your car already have Diamondbrite Application no matter where you do it, you can sent to us for After Sales Service Maintenance,

Its FREE during the Warranty Period (subject to bring your warranty card & Conserver along)

We also do Conserver Wash if you are not free.

We also provide Respray and touch-up paint.


For more details please visit website below


No need to wax or polish for 6 years! -by Autoworld

Diamondbrite won the UK’s “Best Vehicle Aftercare Product 2005” by CBT

Forum Review


Motortrader (Guarantee 6 Years + yearly maintenance FOC.. Don’t believe see below

“Well recommended.......had it on my previous Civic......looked as good as new after 6 years”


*Please see Terms and Conditions Apply on the product

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